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Session Border Control

Wat is een Session Border Controller (SBC) ?

A Session Border Controller(SBC) is a device that is used for some Voice over IP (VoIP) networks to gain control over VoIP alert and data traffic that is needed to set up a phone conversation, having a phone conversation and to stop a phone conversation.

Sufficient bandwith

An SBC functionality assures companies of sufficient bandwidth through entrance control before talk- and video sessions. This means new sessions aren't allowed if the quality of running sessions therefore will be worse. An SBC can support 200.000 sessions at a time through one device, therefore extra appliances and overlapping networks aren't needed. With an interface for quick throughput the SBC can reach a data throughput speed of 80 Gbps to allow all existing talk and video services over an IP network.

Integration of SBC Solutions with Acme Packet

Infradata has years of experience and a great amount of expertise in integrating SBC solutions in big and complex networks. With the highest partner status with Acme Packet, Infradata is able to offer you the best conditions to create a highly efficient solution for your network.

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