Secure Remote Access

Simple, secure access to apps and desktops from anywhere.

With the explosive growth of cloud applications within the workplace customers, partners and internal users alike expect to be able to connect anytime, anywhere and with any device. Providing always-on, secure remote access to your network and resources is essential to remaining productive and competitive in today's business environment.

Regardless of whether you are providing access to wired or wireless networks, cloud-based applications or IoT devices, you need measures in place to ensure that malware, malicious websites and unauthorised users cannot infiltrate your physical and virtual assets. And all of this needs to be achieved without compromising on flexibility and usability.

Key challenges

  • Gain comprehensive visibility into known and unknown devices on the network
  • Protect sensitive systems and data from unauthorised or non-compliant devices
  • Minimize human intervention for secure network access control
  • Comply with regulatory mandates
  • Enable visitors and employees to use their own devices easily and securely
  • Effectively manage BYOD, IoT and rogue devices

In the past, corporate VPNs provided a less than satisfactory user experience. Only since the introduction of SSL VPNs have users have enjoyed quick and secure access to corporate assets on the move. Recently the complexity of these solutions has increased as users bring a continually expanding array of devices into the workplace and expect a seamless experience regardless of device or location.

Organisations are also demanding greater security visibility across wired and wireless environments - for example to ascertain whether a user is accessing the network via a corporate or personal device, and verifying that the device has not been compromised.

These solutions can be tied to internal access solutions to ensure that users and their identities represent the new perimeter of your network. In this way policies follow the user, which means that access is restricted to the resources that a user needs in order to perform their role. This can be done ubiquitously or it can be dependent on the device and/or location.

Our solution – the Infradata best practices

It is prudent to be aware of the best practices when offering remote access for your employees, partners and affiliates. This means creating company policies concerning devices – to manage which devices are allowed to access company resources, regarding software installation by end users, and to set the minimum requirements for endpoints such as endpoint protection software.

Infradata experts can support you in defining the most suitable remote access solution for your company based on proven vendors and technology. Today, there are many ways to connect remotely to enterprise resources; which means that remote access must be an integral part of your security architecture.

Infradata’s remote access solutions can be enriched with a set of security capabilities that can see devices, control them and orchestrate system-wide threat response across wired and wireless campus, data center and cloud.

Secure Remote Access benefits

  • Increase visibility and control of the devices accessing your company assets
  • Simplify your remote access management delivery
  • Increase your security posture and compliance
  • Freedom of choice of proven remote access solutions from leading vendors
  • Integrate a remote access solution into your overall security architecture
  • Reduce project risk by using Infradata tested and certified solutions
  • Access to Infradata best practices concerning secure remote access

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Secure Remote Access by Infradata

Working from home means an extra burden on the connection to your company network. We recommend taking precautions where necessary and promoting safe working from home to your employees. The Infradata secure remote access solution is an integral part of our Access & identity management solution series, that increases your security posture and compliance.

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