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Connect and Protect with Industry-Leading Efficiency, Availability and Security.

Network security is an ongoing challenge as organizations become more distributed, applications move to the cloud and threats rapidly evolve. Data in the Cloud is subject to additional threats and has to be handled differently to comply with regulations that vary per industry and type and are subject to change over time. Devices that access applications are more often connected to public networks where they don’t have the protection provided by your perimeter security solution. Additional security on the end-point can overcome some of these concerns.

Whatever the security solution, each of the elements needs to be managed in a structured way allowing for immediate alerting and response when Indicators of Attack (IOA’s) or Indicators of Compromise (IOC’s) are detected in the Cloud, at the Perimeter, on the Networks or on the End-point. The solution does not impact user-experience nor efficiency.

Infradata protects your enterprise’s datacentres, edges, branches, cloud networks and the people that use them with the world’s best network security while saving you valuable time and resources. Our solutions are transparent to the end-user and highly automated to minimize the operational impact on your organisation to the essentials.

Ideal for next-generation networks that need flexible and scalable deployment options, Infradata Network Security offerings provide strong security for a myriad of environments and customer needs.


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