Secure Cloud Connect

Securely connected to the public cloud.

Get fast, secure access to the public cloud with Infradata Secure Cloud Connect. Working in conjunction with Microsoft, Amazon, and Google, Cloud Connect gets you there through a private, dedicated connection – avoiding the security risks of connecting through public Internet.

Cloud-based IT adaptation is accelerating as IaaS, PaaS and SaaS solutions mature and organisations seek to make their IT infrastructure more agile and cost effective. Evolving your IT infrastructure inherently means that you also need to change how you secure your applications and data. This is described in our Multi-Cloud Security solution brief. Secure Cloud Connect is a solution that can be used as a component in your overall cloud security architecture.

Secure Cloud Connect

One of the key differences between traditional data centre and cloud-based applications is how they are accessed. Traditional access is done over private and managed connections which provide end-to-end security and performance management as well as the ability to troubleshoot and manage problem resolution.

Secure Cloud Connect

Access to cloud-based applications, data and/or infrastructure is public by default. While this is a benefit in terms of accessibility, cost, workforce mobility and business agility, it also creates security challenges. In short, your security is wholly reliant upon a username and password which, when compromised, provide access to your data from anywhere to anyone.

As shown in the above diagram, you can opt to deploy dedicated or VPN connections. While dedicated connections provide the highest levels of security and the and most reliable performance, this is also the most expensive and least flexible option. Costs increase exponentially when you need to create connections to a multitude of cloud providers and locations.

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What is Secure Cloud Connect?

Secure Cloud Connect provides secure connectivity to cloud-based IT. While it uses Internet-based transport technologies, it keeps the actual traffic separate from the public Internet. This ensures that that access to your resources not only depends on user authentication but also on the location from which these resources are being accessed. It also gives you end-to-end control over the path, ensuring the best possible performance and issue resolution.

Secure Cloud Connect

The above diagram shows an architecture where a Secure Cloud interconnection point provides connectivity between enterprise locations and different cloud providers. A single dedicated connection can be used to connect an enterprise site to any cloud provider over a managed cloud connect. Mobile users access the applications via their nearest interconnection point. Additional security features such as authentication, content security and DDoS protection can be added to the Interconnect.

While some cloud providers allow you to put in place point-to-point connectivity over MPLS provisioned circuits (i.e. Express Route), this is not always possible or it may not scale to the number of locations you need to provide connectivity to. Often, the expense related to such a solution cancels out most of the cost savings of moving the application to the cloud. Secure Cloud Connect is not a point-to-point connectivity solution. With Secure Cloud Connect you get the flexibility of any-to-any connectivity without “any” being “all”. You remain in control.

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