Network Lifecycle Management Scan

Save up to 30% on support contracts and Network Lifecycle Management in 2020

Within one week your Network Lifecycle Management well arranged for End of Life and End of Support

Set aside a budget this summer for innovation and the optimization of your network and IT infrastructure. Gain insight into End of Life of networking hardware and strengthen your negotiating position for upcoming End of Support contract negotiations. Infradata helps you with the Lifecycle Management Scan in the run-up to the realization of an optimal IT infrastructure for 2020!

Don't be surprised by expensive hardware failures, security breaches and other extra costs such as ending support contracts.

Start your summer with the Infradata Network Lifecycle Management Scan!

  • Set budgets and save on support costs
  • Strengthen your upcoming negotiating position with vendors, thanks to insight into End of Support and End of Life of hardware
  • Analyze SLAs for relevance and agreements for new and upcoming components of the IT infrastructure
  • Get a complete network lifecycle management planning for 2020 within a week
  • Avoid postponing innovation and optimization with our software version analysis
  • Guarantee a good and safe user experience while migrating applications to the cloud
  • Determine critical components of the IT infrastructure because of new onboarded applications and newly introduced communication and payment systems

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Infradata is an award-winning and vendor agnostic supplier of state-of-the-art cyber security and cloud networking solutions and services. We are convinced that as a trusted partner we will be valuable to your IT organization. We believe that the Lifecycle Management Scan is a great opportunity to prove our value to you. Let this be a first step in our future partnership.

Network Lifecycle Management Scan

Use this summer before you go on holiday to determine your EOL / EOS status and to see where you can save on your support obligations. Enter the budget rounds well, knowing that you've done your homework with the Infradata Network Lifecycle Management Scan. Infradata is here to help. After all, our job is to make the best networks better every day.

Which applicable support costs are unnecessary?

Until when and under what conditions is an SLA still in line with the dependencies on new and future components within the IT infrastructure?

Which components are more important or less critical within the infrastructure, due to the introduction of new applications, communication and payment systems?

What changes are needed for the internal infrastructure to ensure a good secure user experience during the migration of applications to the cloud?

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