5G Interoperability Assessment

Independent 5G Ready analysis

Would you like to know if your 5G network and interworking with your existing 3G and LTE network is compliant with the newest specifications? Book your Infradata 5G Interoperability Assessment now without any commitment. Our assessment will map out if your current signalling interface is compliant and if there is a need for interworking with existing legacy interfaces. In short, these assessments will bring you a direct insight in concrete interoperability challenges within your organisation. 

Content of our 5G Interoperability Assessment 

5G Signalling compliancy

What are the challenges in 5G when it comes to Security, Routing, Roaming and Virtualisation? Are your customers secured in case of Roaming and what about attacks from the inside out? Is your Control Plane protected in case of signalling storms? We will map it out for you.

Interworking between 5G and legacy 3G & LTE

What are the use-cases on 5G that require protocol interworking like SS7/Diameter to HTTP/2 and reverse. Is your network ready for this and compliant with the newest specifications?

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