Dutch IaaS provider Interconnect is primed for cloud-scale growth

Meeting customer demands through cloud-scale, data center, and network services

From shops to hospitals to banks, business is digital. Interconnect, a top provider of private cloud, data center, network connectivity, and security in the Netherlands, has been serving digital businesses since 1995. With a reputation as an innovator, Interconnect has relied on Infradata and Juniper Networks for more than a decade. Supported by Infradata, Interconnect most recently migrated to an IP fabric based on Juniper routing and switching platforms for massive scalability and simplified operations.

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Interconnect Services, an IaaS provider based in the Netherlands, needed massive scalability and simplified operations to support business growth. The company needed super low latency between their data centers and POPs to support customer demand and deliver valuable services. Hear from Dave Thoonsen, Interconnect Network Engineer, on how they did it using EVPN/VXLAN at its two data centers and across its MPLS WAN.

Learn how Juniper and Infradata helped Interconnect reduce latency down to 1ms, why increasing core density helped deliver cost-effective connections, and how automation and contrail enabled configuration changes in minutes, not hours.

Interconnect was founded by brothers Rob and Jeroen Stevens, who still serve as the CEO and CTO today. As a regional provider, Interconnect is known for its attentive customer service and deep technical expertise. Customers range from local ad agencies and hospitals to O’Neill, the US surfboard brand, and Vodafone, a multinational telecommunication s company. Interconnect continuously invests in infrastructure to meet the ever-growing needs of businesses. This means, scaling its infrastructure services performance and capabilities while delivering the highest levels of availability to meet its 99.9-percent uptime guarantee to customers. It offers a full suite of infrastructure-as-a-service and private cloud services. The company operates data centers in Den Bosch and Eindhoven, connected by a fiber ring and works with other service providers to provide customers with their choice of connectivity.

Interconnect upgraded its core network for cloud-scale capacity and scale by adding Juniper products. “We implemented an IP fabric to increase scale and gain flexibility in our customer solutions,” says Dave Thoonsen, network engineer at Interconnect.

Interconnect’s IP fabric uses the Ethernet VPN/Virtual Extensible LAN (EVPN/VxLAN) framework within the data centers, as well as EVPN/VxLAN across its MPLS WAN to interconnect its data centers.

“Customers can easily connect to our private cloud. The Juniper IP fabric is a flexible way to stretch a connection anywhere a customer wants.” - Dave Thoonsen, network engineer, Interconnect

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“Using EVPN/VxLAN across our Juniper infrastructure makes it easier to provide connections between data centers for our customers,” says Thoonsen. An EVPN/VxLAN architecture enables highly efficient Layer 2/Layer 3 connectivity by eliminating the inefficiencies of spanning tree protocol and delivering new levels of scale, simplicity, and agility. EVPN/VxLAN decouples the physical underlay network from the virtual overlay network, simplifying Layer 2/Layer 3 connectivity between servers in Interconnect’s two data centers, while maintaining a consistent underlay architecture.

“Using EVPN/VXLAN across our Juniper infrastructure makes it easier to provide connections between data centers for our customers.” - Dave Thoonsen, network engineer, Interconnect

“Customers can easily connect to our private cloud,” says Thoonsen. “The Juniper IP fabric is a flexible way to stretch a connection anywhere a customer wants.” The Juniper Networks® MX204 Universal Routing Platform serves as the data center core. The MX204 is a cloud-grade, ultra-high 100GbE density platform that is space- and power-optimized. It supports routing, switching, and security with comprehensive service features, automation, and telemetry.

In Interconnect’s data centers, the IP fabric is implemented with the Juniper Networks QFX5100 Switch as the spine-layer switch and the Juniper Networks EX4300 Ethernet Switch as the leaf-layer switch. Leaf-layer switches directly connect to bare-metal servers, virtual servers, or other network devices. Each leaf switch is connected at high speed to the spine, and traffic can be load balanced over the IP links.

Telemetry, built into the Juniper infrastructure, is also key to Interconnect’s high availability strategy. With Junos telemetry, sensors can collect and export data for continuous performance monitoring and to troubleshoot issues such as network congestion in real time.

Interconnect is ready for continued growth. It is expanding its Eindhoven data center to 2,200 racks and 6,000 square meters of space as well as building a brand-new data center and office building in Den Bosch.
“With a Juniper network, expanding our IP fabric to the new data centers will be easy,” says Thoonsen.

Prepared for Growth with Automation

With standard data center building blocks, Interconnect can leverage automation more easily to streamline configuration management. Network automation has led to a significant drop in OpEx and reduced the time-to-market for new services and to onboard new customers.

“We’re really happy with the reliable Juniper equipment, our relationship with Infradata and Juniper and the support Infradata and JTAC provide to us. We can discuss new ideas and innovation with both parties and they are always there to provide technical support. Choosing a supplier like Infradata isn’t just about an RFP process, it’s about getting honest advice and creative ideas", says Interconnect CTO Jeroen Stevens.

Juniper Networks Junos™ OS, which runs across Juniper routing, switching, and security platforms, is an essential element in the company’s automation strategy. Junos OS integrates easily with DevOps environments and offers programmability, scripting support, open APIs, and support for automation frameworks. Interconnect uses Juniper modules and Ansible playbooks for automation.

“Automation is key for our Juniper fabric,” says Thoonsen. “We’re currently working on automating our services to automatically provision our backend.”

The time savings is dramatic. “We might spend 100 minutes configuring switches or routers in the traditional, manual way,” he says. “Now, our goal is to automate the standard configurations which are the building blocks of the services that we offer, decreasing our time to provision a customer in just a couple of minutes.”

Automation improves service availability. “When operators work traditionally, jumping from switch to switch to make configuration changes by hand, there’s a lot of room for error which can impact network availability,” he says.
Ultimately, automation results in higher customer satisfaction. “We’re developing a customer portal where a customer will be able to request services, set up the network connection, and be running in a couple of minutes,” says Thoonsen.

A Foundation of Trusted Partners

As a privately-held regional provider competing with deep-pocketed global cloud providers, Interconnect stands out for its exceptional customer service and technical expertise. Interconnect’s innovation is underpinned by a strong relationship with Infradata, its longtime IT solution provider, as well as Juniper. Infradata is a Juniper Elite Partner with advanced security and enterprise routing specialties and multiple Juniper-certified engineers on staff.

“Infradata and Juniper are on our side. Their responsiveness is on point and we get the support we need.” - Dave Thoonsen, network engineer, Interconnect

“We are a proud to be a Juniper customer,” says Thoonsen. “Juniper is very good in terms of functionality, stability, and performance, as well as excellent support.”

Like Juniper and Infradata, Interconnect is focused on solving difficult problems for its customers, overcoming complexity, and helping businesses focus on what they do best.

“Infradata and Juniper are on our side,” says Thoonsen. “Their responsiveness is on point and we get the support we need.”


Company: Interconnect

Industry: Web Services

Business Challenge:

Scale its cloud, data center, and network services to meet customer demands for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

Technology Solution:

Business Results

  • Accelerated service delivery while simplifying network operations
  • Used automation to make configuration changes in minutes, not hours
  • Easily connected customer resources across multiple data centers using EVPN/VXLAN

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