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Privileged Access Security

Administrator or “privileged” accounts exist on every device, service, application or IT system. They’re also on staff desktops and laptops and embedded in a multitude of automation tools across the business.

These accounts are highly valuable as they can create or delete users, access private data, or change critical infrastructure configuration. They’re prized targets of attackers as they’re the “keys” to the most valuable corporate assets and data.

Management of these powerful accounts should be a priority for all IT and Security organizations. Privileged Access Security (PAS) is the solution as it focusses on protecting valuable privileged accounts and optimizing IT operations.

The Key to Privileged Access Success – PAM

The starting point for most PAS security projects is the implementation of Privileged Access Management (PAM).

PAM brings visibility and control over those valuable administrator accounts. Osirium’s PAM solution, PxM Platform, goes beyond the traditional PAM features of a secure credential vault. It includes advanced capabilities such as session recording, task automation and behavioural analytics.

Reduce IT Workload – PPA

IT Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) teams are always under pressure. From end-users requesting new applications through to major corporate strategy initiatives, Operations staff have an ever-growing backlog of work. But, much of that work is repetitive. For example, many organizations cite user account password reset as the most commonly raised issue.

Privileged Process Automation (PPA) enables I&O teams to automate complex and sensitive processes to speed up delivery, release valuable administrator resources and improve service to users. Traditional automation tools and RPA aren’t fit for the needs of IT I&O environments that need human oversight and integration with a wide variety of complex systems.

PPA integrates with help desk systems, for example, ServiceNow, to automate the time-consuming, error-prone manual processes normally needed to respond to help desk requests and maintain an end-to-end audit trail.

Managing Endpoint Security - PEM

Organizations often have a huge number of local administrator accounts across the business. In many cases, every desktop or laptop will have a local user with administrator privileges. They maybe have been created for good reason in the past, such as empowering the user to make changes to their device without calling the IT helpdesk or the device had been previously allocated to someone that needed administrator rights.

However, those local administrator accounts are a dormant threat: if the account credentials should be acquired (for example, via a spear-phishing attack), they can be used to install dangerous apps such as keyloggers or have access to the broader network.

Osirium’s Privileged Endpoint Management (PEM) solves this problem by enabling users to run only approved applications with elevated privileges while using their standard user account. Users are more productive, help desk load can be reduced, and the corporate security posture improved.

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