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Extend the AI-Driven Enterprise to Home with Remote Secure solutions from Juniper Networks

With the explosive growth in employees working from home (i.e., telecommuting), it has never been more critical to transition to the AI-Driven Enterprise from Juniper Mist.

The connected solutions enable you to:

  • Get AI-driven insights into user experiences at home and remote offices.
  • Proactively troubleshoot and resolve issues from anywhere using the Marvis
  • Dynamic Virtual Assistant and dynamic packet capture.
  • Secure your distributed enterprise.
  • Scale with the agility of a microservices cloud



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Mist Wi-Fi for Remote Workers

If your remote worker already has a client-based VPN solution in place, you can easily extend AI-driven Wi-Fi to their homes by simply plugging a Mist Access Point into their broadband router. With Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP), the APs can be configured in minutes with desired networking and security policies. Once up, you get unprecedented insight and automation into the user experience to save time and money while increasing network reliability well beyond what is available in traditional consumer grade Wi-Fi solutions.

Extending the Enterprise with Mist Edge

To eliminate overlay VPN technologies and extend your enterprise network to employees’ homes, you can deploy the Mist Edge in conjunction with Mist Wi-Fi Access Points. This solution enables you to securely extend your corporate SSID and AAA services to remote offices, while maximizing traffic security with an IPSec tunnel. In addition, this use case is also perfect for managing auxiliary devices in the home, such as a VoIP phone (which can be powered from the auxiliary Ethernet port on the Mist Access Point).

Juniper Connected Security with Mist

For the telecommuter who has many devices and/or advanced security requirements, the ideal solution is our Juniper Connected Security for remote workers. This solution is composed of a Mist Wi-Fi Access Point, Mist Edge, and Juniper SRX security device with Firewall and Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). This innovative solution delivers automated enforcement, increased visibility, and cloud protection to effectively safeguard your organization while streamlining operations with Mist’s AI-Driven platform. By leveraging PoE on the SRX, telecommuters can easily connect and power multiple Mist Wi-Fi Access Points, VoIP desk phones, video conferencing equipment, etc. Corporate traffic, both wired and wireless, is secured through an IPSec VPN tunnel. With both the Mist APs and Juniper SRXs supporting Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP), rapid deployment is supported with ease.

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