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Juniper Networks - proNX Optical Director

Open, programmable optical management and control.

proNX Optical Director is a software platform for management and control of Juniper Programmable Photonic Layer open line system elements and Juniper coherent dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM) transponder-based solutions, including the BTI Series Packet Optical Platforms and integrated DWDM transponders on MX Series routers, PTX Series routers and QFX Series switching platforms.

Based on a highly available, extensible microservices-based architecture, proNX Optical Director enables you to more easily and reliably deploy, scale, and integrate applications and services—whether from Juniper, your own software development team, or third parties.

A distinctive attribute of proNX Optical Director is its centralized management of photonic-layer control. By disaggregating the optical control plane from Juniper Programmable Photonic Layer, you can more regularly and flexibly modify control plane behavior while maintaining service continuity, lowering operational expense, and fine-tuning transport-layer performance.

Openness and programmability are hallmarks of proNX Optical Director, which includes a Web user interface with NETCONF and telemetry APIs southbound for easy configurability and service monitoring. Rich, standards-based REST APIs northbound help you integrate proNX Optical Director simply and cost effectively into the orchestration and business support systems/operations support systems (BSS/OSS) layers.

Combined with NorthStar Controller, proNX Optical Director plays a key role in helping you migrate to a multilayer optimized network. Using a standards-based YANG model, proNX Optical Director exchanges optical network topology with NorthStar to help you gain visibility from the photonic layer to Layer 3, improve multilayer resiliency and protection, and optimize service provisioning.

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Disaggregated Network Control

Ensures easy, flexible optical control plane modifications with superior service continuity.

Microservices-based Architecture

Supports simple, fast integration of customer or third-party applications and a more scalable, extensible approach to network management and control.

Multilayer Visibility and Coordination

Uses standards-based YANG model over a REST API to integrate seamlessly with NorthStar Controller.

Open Network Management

Enables rich network programmability and low-cost integration into the orchestration environment with open, standards-based APIs.

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