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BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager

The brain of the BIG-IP platform, it intelligently manages network traffic so applications are always fast, available, and secure.

Intelligent traffic management—emphasis on intelligent.

Get granular control of your traffic. BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM) gives you a depth of understanding about your network’s application traffic and control over how it’s handled. It transforms the chaotic volume of network traffic into logically assembled streams of data, and then makes intelligent traffic management decisions, selecting the right destination based on server performance, security, and availability.

Yes, BIG-IP LTM enables sophisticated load balancing. But, that’s just the beginning.

Full proxy means full power.

If you can see it, you can manipulate it. Because BIG-IP LTM is a full proxy, you can inspect, manage, and report on application traffic entering and exiting your network. From basic load balancing to complex traffic management decisions based on client, server, or application status, BIG-IP LTM gives you granular control over app traffic.

For example, if you want to direct traffic based on the requested URL or log specific server responses to a reporting system, BIG-IP LTM has the architecture and the tools you need to do it.

Operational efficiency? Check.

BIG-IP LTM can optimize the speed and reliability of your applications via both network and application layers.

Using real-time protocol and traffic management decisions based on application and server conditions, extensive connection management, and TCP and content offloading, BIG-IP LTM dramatically improves page load times and the user experience.

Whether it’s negotiating high-latency networks or offloading millions of connections, BIG-IP LTM can improve the performance of your infrastructure and your applications.

Blazing-fast SSL.

Increased performance and security. The SSL performance of BIG-IP LTM lets you cost-effectively protect the end-to-end user experience by encrypting everything from the client to the server. It also scales on-demand and absorbs potentially crippling DDoS attacks.

Often SSL is turned on throughout the network. Thing is, most network security devices aren’t built to detect malicious traffic in layers 4–7. Separating the good and bad traffic is the first problem, taking action on the malicious traffic is the second.

BIG-IP LTM includes levels of inspection necessary to block bad traffic and allow good traffic to pass through.

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SSL Acceleration

Offloads SSL encryption from data center servers and frees up resources to improve app performance.

Real-time Analytics

See uptime, response time, and traffic surges at a glance. Drill-down options help you quickly get to the source of app performance issues.

Full Elasticity

Provides clustering, virtualization, and on-demand scaling. ScaleN offers multiple scalability and consolidation models to help you meet specific business requirements.

Strong Security

Detects DDoS attacks and routes the connections away from critical servers—or rejects them completely.

Programmability gets personal.

Adapt to changes that challenge your network.

BIG-IP LTM is programmable, so you can take the visibility and control it provides and immediately act on it using iRules, F5’s event-driven scripting language. From defeating zero-day attacks to cloning specific app requests or dealing with custom application protocols, iRules let you adapt to application delivery challenges across the data center, virtual infrastructure, and the cloud.

Deploy faster and streamline operations with iApps, a set of features that allow management application services rather than individual devices and objects. iApps gives you greater visibility and control over app delivery—so you can deploy in hours instead of weeks.

From configuration to integration, explore the F5 technologies that will get you there.

Scale and speed in sync with your network.

Bandwidth minus the baggage.

With BIG-IP LTM, you get a sophisticated, enterprise-class load balancer. You also get granular layer 7 control, SSL offloading and acceleration capabilities, and ScaleN technology that delivers on-demand scaling.

Speaking of speed, the highly optimized TCP/IP stack, TCP Express, combines TCP/IP techniques and improvements in the latest RFCs with extensions we’ve developed to minimize the effect of congestion and packet loss and recovery.

In fact, independent testing tools and customer experiences show TCP Express delivers up to a 2x performance gain for users and a 4x increase in bandwidth efficiency—all with no change to servers, applications, or client desktops.

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