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Can your endpoint security withstand the latest attacks?

Most types of anti-virus software still focus on stopping harmful executable files after the damage is done rather than searching for the signs of an attack, even if no malware is present. Then you’re running the risk of sensitive information being captured and multiple machines infected.

That means your company is not compliant, because your sensitive data is exposed and your company could damage its reputation, be hit with claims, lose sales, the list goes on. A costly mistake for businesses, not to mention annoying. So, what’s the solution? A powerful anti-virus to protect your endpoints against attacks!

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The next-generation anti-virus

CrowdStrike has developed a new type of anti-virus software: Falcon Prevent. Falcon Prevent is a next-generation anti-virus to detect and combat the latest tools and techniques used by attackers.

Falcon Prevent searches for the signs of an active attack beforehand rather than waiting until it’s too late. What’s more, Falcon Prevent helps your system to regain control of its resources, making your day-to-day security easier. Find out what Falcon Prevent can do for your business!

The dashboard app above includes information on threats detected, an audit trail of Falcon management, process timelines, hosts that are sensitive to specific vulnerabilities in the high profile, and much more.

Cloud-hosted endpoint security

CrowdStrike’s next-generation anti-virus uses the cloud to deliver endpoint security. The cloud control server gives you more information about what to do if your endpoint is breached. It also tells you what data has been compromised during an attack. And because Falcon Prevent is cloud-based, your endpoint continues to function quickly.

Thanks to the specially-developed cloud-native architecture, the Falcon platform collects and analyses more than 30 billion endpoint events from millions of sensors in 176 countries every single day.

Benefits at a glance

Download the free trial and discover the benefits of Falcon Prevent for yourself!

No need to uninstall your existing anti-virus software, as the trial can run alongside it with ease. Falcon Prevent reports back on what your current software has failed to pick up.

With the trial, you get:

A report comparing with the performance of your current endpoint security solution

Full access to Falcon Prevent endpoint security

An anti-virus solution to monitor resources

A cloud-based malware test laboratory

Minimal use of CPU & memory (24 MB)