Falcon X: Threat Intelligence

Making Predictive Security a Reality

CrowdStrike® Falcon® is the first platform to seamlessly integrate threat intelligence into endpoint protection, automating incident investigations and speeding breach response. The instant analysis of threats that reach your endpoints, combined with the expertise of the global CrowdStrike Falcon Intelligence™ team enables any security team, regardless of size or sophistication, to make predictive security a reality.

Why Falcon X?

Intellegince Automation
Automatically investigate all incidents and learn from the attacks in your environment. Threats are analyzed in minutes, not hours, empowering your team to outpace the adversary with smarter, faster responses.

Customer Indicators
Orchestrate defenses with custom indicators of compromise (IOCs) generated by threats from your endpoints, allowing you to proactively defend against future attacks.

Crowdstrike Expertise
Get ahead of adversaries with groundbreaking intelligence provided by CrowdStrike's elite team of threat analysts, security researchers, cultural experts and linguists.

Intelligence Automation

Gartner states, "by 2021, endpoint protection platforms (EPPs) will provide automated, orchestrated incident investigation and breach response." CrowdStrike is making this prediction a reality by offering the first fully integrated threat intelligence and endpoint protection platform.

Crowdstrike Falcon X

 Falcon X™ automates the threat analysis process and delivers actionable intelligence and custom IOCs specifically tailored for the threats encountered on your endpoints. With this level of automation, you can stop picking and choosing which threats to analyze and start analyzing all threats.

Falcon X combines the tools used by world-class cyber threat investigators into a seamless solution and performs the investigations automatically. The integrated tool set includes malware analysis and malware search, and is enriched with threat intelligence. Falcon X enables all teams, regardless of size or sophistication, to understand better, respond faster and proactively get ahead of the attacker’s next move.

Falcon X: Features

 Crowdstrike Falcon X features



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Additional Features

Weekly Threat Reports

Receive a weekly wrap-up of global eCrime, cyber-espionage and hacktivist activity.

Actor Profiles and Indicators

Learn about the tools, techniques and procedures (TTPs) of your adversaries and use CrowdStrike APIs to distribute their IOCs throughout your security stack.

Intelligence Orchestration

Consume intelligence in real time via well-documented APIs and pre-built integrations with leading SIEMs, threat intelligence platforms and more.

Cloud-Based Architecture

As part of the CrowdStrike Falcon platform, Falcon X is cloud-delivered, eliminating the need for on-premises infrastructure and ensuring one-day deployments.

Falcon X Premium: Features

Falcon X Premium combines automated intelligence with human analysis to provide an unparalleled solution for mitigating cyber risk. The CrowdStrike Falcon Intelligence team is a pioneer in adversary analysis, tracking more than 110 cybercrime, espionage and hacktivist groups, studying their intent and analyzing their tradecraft. This team of threat intelligence analysts, security researchers, and cultural experts and linguists uncover unique threats and provide groundbreaking research that fuels CrowdStrike's ability to deliver proactive security that dramatically improves security posture.

Falcon X Premium includes all Falcon X offerings and widens the focus to include global threat research and reporting from the CrowdStrike Falcon Intelligence team.

Intelligence Reports

Receive trusted, in-depth threat intelligence reports from the global CrowdStrike Falcon Intelligence team.

  • Threat Alerts: Keep ahead of emerging attacks with real-time emails that update you on current threats, new adversary activity, campaigns and tradecraft.
  • Technical Reports: Learn how to identify and stop the most sophisticated threats with in-depth, expert analysis of the latest adversary campaigns and attacks.
  • Strategic Reports: Make informed security and risk-management decisions by having a better understanding of the global threat landscape and the emerging risks to specific industries, regions and infrastructure.

Intelligence Reports features

Threat Monitoring

Monitor the web for adversary activity against your organization to prioritize resources and effectively respond to impending cyberattacks.

Expert Malware Analysis

Escalate malware to a CrowdStrike expert for further research or a second opinion.

Intelligence Support

Our CrowdStrike team works to ensure it has a clear understanding of your intelligence requirements and that you are successfully onboarded. The team also performs quarterly reviews.

Quarterly Threat Briefing

Stay up to date on the latest trends and emerging threats in the global threat landscape.

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