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A10 Lightning ADC

Cloud Native App Delivery & Security

Application Delivery Controller for Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds.

A10 Lightning™ ADC (Application Delivery Controller) provides application load balancing and traffic management, security and per-app analytics for workloads in public, private or hybrid clouds.

The cloud-native A10 LightningTM ADC solution optimizes the delivery and security of applications in the cloud. Lightning ADC is purpose-built for containers and microservices-based application architectures and elegantly integrates with DevOps processes.

Lightning ADC

The A10 LightningTM Application Delivery Controller (ADC) optimizes the delivery and security of cloud-native applications and services running over public or private clouds. For organizations embracing the cloud and application-centricity, Lightning ADC increases operational efficiency, offloads IT administrators from cumbersome tasks and reduces risk.

The solution provides innovative Layer 4-7 capabilities, including traffic management with content-switching and advanced elastic load-balancing, security and analytics for applications across your choice of public, private or hybrid cloud deployments. IT infrastructure administrators are able to empower application teams with a self-service model that enhances agility while providing per-application visibility and insights. Its multi-cloud capability and an aggregate consumption-based subscription pricing model increases deployment flexibility and lowers cost.

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Lightning ADC Features

Application Load Balancing

Increase app availability and performance with advanced load balancing, content-based routing, session persistence and granular policy enforcement.

Elastic Scaling

Use elastic load-balancing and optimized traffic-engineering to manage variable application traffic and optimize scale, performance and availability.

App Security & Malware Detection

Defend apps against cyber attacks with web application firewalls, DDoS mitigation, malware protection and other application security capabilities.

Per-Application Analytics

Identify application trends and issues, streamline troubleshooting and effectively meet capacity requirements to deliver superior user experiences.

Optimize and Accelerate Traffic

Improve application response times by utilizing compression, caching, connection multiplexing, SSL offload and other capabilities.

Enhance CI/CD

Programmatically steer traffic to new deployments, integrate with CI/CD tool chains and gain side-by-side analytics for blue and green deployments.

Increase Devops Agility

Improve automation and self-service with 100 percent API-driven infrastructure, and integrate with container orchestration systems and multi-cloud app deployments.

Centralized Cloud Management

Choose between a SaaS-based or self-managed A10 Harmony™ Controller for centralized management and analytics across data centers and clouds.

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