Top 5 Endpoint Security Solutions of 2019

Protecting endpoints from the ever growing number of threats

Endpoint security is one of the most critical components of a cyber security strategy. Recent studies show that 30 percent of known breaches involved malware being installed on endpoints. The growth of ransomware, increase in exploits and lack of shared intelligence among disparate security products results in a slower, less effective endpoint threat response.

Selecting an endpoint protection solution that fits your needs (and budget) however can be challenging. The endpoint security market is quite dynamic right now, with lots of new entrants and ongoing innovation for improving threat detection and response. The endpoint market provides hundreds of options. Each product comes with its own set of features & technologies and the differences often are not easily discernible. Cyber security is a constantly evolving landscape and organizations should never bet their future on a single product or technology to solve all their issues.

Endpoint Protection against Advanced Persistent Threats

Detecting, screening and scanning for advanced persistent threats such as malware has become a very complex process. As attackers develop more sophisticated schemes, endpoint detection and response (EDR) tools have to adapt and be able to find the sneaky exploits, even those leaving almost no fingerprints. Traditional networking security and anti-malware tools only found a small fraction of potential infections. Now these are increasingly being replaced for well-developed Endpoint Detection and Response tools.

Best Endpoint Security 2019 solutions

Today, those responsible for developing cyber security strategies and protecting their organizations’ endpoints, are facing the challenge of selecting the best endpoint protection solution. That’s why our security experts sum up the best endpoint protection solutions of 2019 for you, including their unique capabilities.

1. McAfee MVISION EDR Endpoint Security

Just like other players, McAfee is integrating Artificial Intelligence into their endpoint security products. McAfee's strategy involves both traditional approaches for cyber-security as well as integrating machine learning capabilities. McAfee has added multiple layers of AI for endpoint security including structural machine learning to understand what a given piece of code is, and behavioral machine learning to look at what things do.

MVISION EDR was announced in October of last year. The new offering combines the functionality of McAfee Active Response and McAfee Investigator with enhancements such as expanded data collection, expanded detection analytics, guided investigations to tackle EDR alerts, and easy cloud-based deployment. It uses advanced analytics to identify and prioritize suspicious behavior, helping to guide and automate in-depth investigations to reduce the strain on security analysts, and enables rapid response with direct actions and broader integration into the security ecosystem.

Credential theft monitoring and rollback remediation are also included to defend against breaches and data theft while ensuring users and their systems stay productive. Everything is managed through McAfee’s management console, MVISION ePO, which is available in multi tenant SaaS, AWS and on-premise environments.

2. Symantec’s Endpoint Protection (SEP)

Winning six AV-TEST Institute Best Protection and Best Performance Awards this year, Symantec’s Endpoint Security solution proves to be worth considering when reviewing endpoint security solutions. The Endpoint solution was also positioned highest in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms 2018.

Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) is a key component of Symantec's Integrated Cyber Defense Platform. It helps find what antivirus tools often miss and provides forensic information when an attacker gets in. Symantec's endpoint capabilities include deception technology, mobile threat defense for corporate-owned and (Bring Your Own) devices. SEP combines advanced features including advanced machine learning, zero-day exploit protection, behavioral analysis, deception technology, integrated endpoint detection and response, application isolation and application control. SEP Cloud also offers protection with an easy-to-use, security-as-a-service option for organizations with limited IT security resources.

Some of Symantec’s advanced Endpoint Protection capabilities include:

Global Intelligence Network (GIN): The civilian threat intelligence network collects data from millions of attack sensors. This data is analyzed by more than a thousand skilled threat researchers to provide unique visibility into threats.

Reputation Analysis: Determines safety of files and websites using artificial intelligence techniques in the cloud and powered by the GIN.

Emulator: Uses a lightweight sandbox to detect polymorphic malware hidden by custom packers.

Intelligent threat cloud: Rapid scan capabilities using techniques such as pipelining, trust propagation, and batched queries has made it unnecessary to download all signature definitions to the endpoint to maintain a high level of effectiveness. Only the newest threat information is downloaded, reducing the size of signature definition files by up to 70 percent, which in turn reduces bandwidth usage.

3. Palo Alto Traps 6.0 and XDR

Traps 6.0 aka Traps management service (TMS) is a cloud-based endpoint security solution.Palo Alto Networks deploys and manages the security infrastructure globally to manage the endpoint security policy for both local and remote endpoints and ensure that the service is secure, resilient, up to date, and available to you when you need it. It offers scale for you, ensuring proper performance when, for example, your company hosts an offsite or out-of-country event with many employees in attendance. As storage or bandwidth needs grow, you can just add capacity as required

Traps 6.0 combines the power of Wildfire - Palo Alto Networks cloud based sandbox solution for detection and prevention of zero day malwares together with behavior based detection of anomalies using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence capabilities of their new Cortex XDR platform. Together Traps 6.0 and Cortex XDR stops advanced threats in real time by stitching together a chain of events to identify malicious activity.

XDR is the first detection and response product to span network, endpoint and cloud data. XDR allows you stop sophisticated attacks in their tracks with severe accuracy. XDR applies machine learning to automatically detect stealthy threats across network, endpoint and cloud data. XDR integrates tightly with Traps endpoint protection and response to collect rich data for threat hunting and investigations. It provides a complete picture of each incident revealing root causes, in that way speeding up investigations. This helps to accelerate containment through tight integration with enforcement points, enabling you to stop attacks before any damage is done.

In conjunction with Cortex XDR, customers can use Traps 6.0 to extend their prevention capabilities to include detection and response across their entire digital infrastructure with a single agent.

4. Trend Micro Apex One Endpoint Security

Trend Micro’s endpoint security solution was mentioned as a leader in the Forrester Wave Endpoint Security Report 2018. Just like other Endpoint Security Vendors, Trend Micro offers advanced and automated detection and response to the ever-increasing number of threats, including ransomware.

Instead of using separate, siloed security solutions that don’t share information, their Apex One solution and XGen™ security provides a cross-generational blend of threat defence techniques and a connected threat defence that protects organizations from unseen threats.

It includes:

  • Mobile security integration: Integrate Trend Micro Mobile Security and Apex One by using Apex Central to centralize security management and policy deployment across all endpoints. Mobile Security includes mobile device threat protection, mobile app management, mobile device management (MDM), and data protection.
  • Available on-premises or as a service: Apex One can be deployed on site in your network or is available as a service, with full product parity between the two deployment options
  • Timely virtual patching: Apex One Vulnerability Protection virtually patches known and unknown vulnerabilities, giving you instant protection, before a patch is available or deployable.

5. Crowdstrike Falcon Endpoint Protection

The CrowdStrike Falcon endpoint protection platform was built from the ground up to address the challenges posed by modern attacks and to stop breaches. It delivers a single lightweight agent for prevention, detection, threat hunting, response, remediation, vulnerability assessment and IT hygiene.

The Falcon endpoint protection platform was designed and built in the cloud, leveraging  a cutting-edge graph database technology that powers the Falcon endpoint agent, CrowdStrike artificial intelligence and all other components of the Falcon platform. As new security needs arise, the platform seamlessly expands to provide CrowdStrike customers with the ultimate endpoint protection, via a single lightweight agent.

crowdstrike best endpoint protection platform

Crowdstrike's cloud-delivered Endpoint protection solutions was named a leader by Forrester and lead the visionary quadrant in Gartner's 2018 Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms. Known for subjecting their product to non-paid public testing and analysis, Crowdstrike manages to keep receiving unbiased top reviews of their solution.

CrowdStrike Falcon was the first next-generation endpoint protection solution that participated in non-paid public testing. Opting for this unique approach, running their own Antivirus engines and publically testing products, they validate their product claims and effectiveness. Crowdstrike continued to participate in these recurring non-paid public anti-malware testing such as the Real-World Protection Testing in 2018.

Your Endpoint Security Partner

Infradata endpoint protection experts help you to select, implement and manage your endpoint security solution. Infradata has created 80 selection points that are shaped and customised for to cater for different technical and business requirements, including:

  • Architecture
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  • Integration
  • Management
  • Detection and Prevention Approach
  • Response and Remediation

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