Why security is vital to delivering trust in the Application Economy

The application economy is delivering what businesses and governments need for a flourishing digital society. Applications boost productivity and collaboration and make services more easily accessible. The centrality of applications in our daily lives is so deeply embedded that we rarely notice how much we depend on them.

Evolving social expectations are manifested in applications based on demands for smarter living, instant access and personalisation. For years, we have actively used applications for basic functions like waking us up in the morning, heating the water we use for showers, controlling critical features in the cars we drive and helping us manage daily tasks at work.

The spread of cloud computing is making it easier to release applications in the market, and to upgrade them almost in real-time – making them more sophisticated in terms of usability, enriched in terms of features and impactful as they augment our lives.

However, for all the hope and promise of the digital society we strive to live in, we’re also in a time of heightened digital anxiety. Much of this can be attributed to the world’s obsession to benchmark technology progress according to computing performance, functionality and product novelty, with little emphasis on how security and simplicity is gearing up to cope with changes.

Increasingly, applications are running in opaque environments with blurring security perimeters — a result of layers of networking complexity that have intensified over years through the proliferation of devices, web-based applications and multi-cloud environments. Securing application traffic running on complex network environments requires smarter tools to cope with the pace, intensity and behaviour of the traffic traversing a network.

At this year’s Connected Britain event we have teamed up with Juniper Networks, an industry leader in automated, scalable and secure networks, to share our thoughts with leading service providers, government entities and enterprises on the security approaches needed to achieve a higher level of trust in a digital society. Securing the foundations of the applications that have become so integral to our lives seems like a good place to start.

Jay Gupta - June 13 2018

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