The Juniper Networks TechFest 2019 Event

What can we look forward to from Juniper in 2020?

As the sunset on Prague and the Juniper Networks #techfest2019 partner event we asked our attendees what they thought of the event and what we can look forward to from Juniper in the next year. Here’s what they had to say.

The Juniper Networks TechFest 2019 Event

The Juniper Networks TechFest 2019 provided an excellent experience that reinforced the message of Juniper Network’s strength in the Service Provider, Security and Datacentre markets. There were some great keynote speeches from very senior executives who detailed their future plans with new features and technology that we felt matched the market trends that we see.

Access to Juniper Product Line Managers (PLMs) always provides us with deep insight into these plans and reference architectures that help us deploy technology to our customers.

The Technologies

For those who remember Contrail as a simple SDN Controller it is now clear that this is a whole suite of products and technologies designed to make your Datacentre automated, agile and secure.

Intent based Firewalling is something we’ve seen around the Industry and Juniper is introducing this to allow routing and firewall decisions to be made, using metadata including tags rather than traditional IP addresses. This may simplify both deployment and operations with a more “human readable” output for operations teams.

The Unified Services Framework will bring together the SRX Series Firewalls and MX Series routers Security definition and features whilst, the introduction of the Services Processing Card 3 (SPC3) for the MX will certainly help to consolidate the security model whilst boosting performance.

Control and User Plane Separation (CUPS) is a key driver for the next generation broadband networks, including 5G and Wireless. Wireline convergence means more disaggregation will be required. CUPS is a concept that Juniper has deployed for many years in their routers which is now making its way into the latest mobile standards.


It sounds to us as though our consultants really enjoyed their time in Prague with lots of exciting developments from Juniper Networks! If you’d like more information about any of the topics mentioned or our partnership with Juniper do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

July 23 2019

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