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Sharing data is becoming common practice within the transport and logistics industry.  Think of connected warehouses, IoT devices passing on information, transport management systems, CMR transport documents and financial records, or even real-time information about vehicle locations. These are modern methods and systems, and increasingly complex communication systems, that often leave data flows and networks unprotected. All of which means that it's relatively easy for third parties to access that data, with potentially disastrous effects.

Cybercrime is one of the greatest threats the logistics industry has ever faced. That’s why Infradata offers high-level guidance from experienced logistics experts, supporting companies such as Bpost, Airbus and SNCF. They have selected Infradata because of our comprehensive approach and unique expertise, and our commitment to being at the cutting edge of innovation in cloud networking and cyber security.

Cybercrime in transport and logistics

Risks such as ransomware, digital cargo theft and fraud, network disruption and data breaches are on the rise in these industries. Remember the recent Petya ransomware attack? It cost TNT 300 million USD and hit other renowned companies such as shipping giant Maersk and container terminal APM.

Despite the increase in this type of cybercrime within the logistics industry, managers and employees alike still need to do more to address cyber risks. Recent research shows that 54 per cent of companies in the Netherlands, known as one of the largest logistic centres in the world, are not adequately protected against cyber risks. In addition, no fewer than 63 per cent have experienced a malware attack and 1 in 10 companies have been the victim of a ransomware attack.

Underestimating cyber risks

The supply chain is vulnerable to cybercrime, which means it is crucial to protect the flow of goods and meet partner and customer expectations. Greater awareness of cyber security and cyber threats is not the only thing warranting attention. The increase in cyber attacks and growing complexity of network technology requires organisations to have dedicated internal cyber security resources as well as external experts to call upon.

Cyber Security and ICT for logistics: a headache for IT managers

IT networks are becoming more complex. Well-established trends such as the renowned Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Internet of Things (IoT), and mobile working routinely cause headaches for IT and security managers. How can they know about the multitude of vulnerabilities within complex network environments, with thousands or even millions of connections being made every minute? How best to keep on top of what is happening within that network on a daily basis and negate potential cyber attacks quickly?

There are many state-of-the-art solutions available to solve these issues, but there is often a lack of resources and budget. Sometimes a compromises are made and solutions are chosen which are not necessarily the most robust. With limited resources and little knowledge, tackling cybercrime is an impossible feat.

Cybersecurity for logistics

Strong IT security relies on two important aspects: access to the latest cyber security expertise, and crucial real-time insights into what is going on within the technology environment. This can be achieved by monitoring which IoT devices are active, or making sound decisions on Next-Generation Network deployment, storing personal data securely, GDPR, protecting against a DDoS attacks, SD-WAN, network architecture, Cloud Networking security, and more.

“With limited resources and little knowledge, tackling cybercrime is an impossible feat.”

Infradata is helping the transport and logistics industry to tackle cybercrime with forward-looking cloud networking and cyber security solutions. We are completely independent in the advice we give, offering our unique 24/7 first-line support from certified engineers. With fourteen offices around the world, we have already helped companies including eBay, Google, KPN, and Vodafone to deploy and manage their cloud networking and cyber security solutions.

Contact us for more information or to find out more about cloud network and cyber security. We're more than happy to discuss the ways we can help you to overcome today's challenges.

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