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The ultimate end user experience

January 28 2021 - February 17 2021

Join us in the Ultimate Gaming Experience!

You will learn not only critical DDoS defence skills and countermeasures, but will put them to work in a war game. In this real-time simulation of a DDoS attack, you will man both attack and defence positions for several rounds and earn the ultimate reward: knowledge. Walk away with critical insights on how attackers make their moves and how you can leverage current DDoS defence tactics in response.

About the Wargames

Within the Wargames there is made use of the latest insights of the ATLAS Security Engineering & Response Team (ASERT) of NETSCOUT. Fun fact: Netscout's services are used by the US Army's IT & Security operations teams. Within the Wargames you need to mitigate around 350+ different types of breaches/DDoS attacks. You will see the solution operating in a close to reality setup. The teams are kept small (max. 8) to have a focus on teaching and to make sure that each attendee receives a quality education. So you understand that you will really learn something new during this virtual event. 

NETSCOUT Wargames Agenda:

  • 15 minutes: Introductions and presentation on current DDoS landscape
  • 15 minutes: Intro to Arbor AED UI
  • 1,5 hours: Wargames

Virtual Event Data:

  • 28 January - from 15:00 until 18:00
  • 17 February - from 14:00 until 17:00

Who can join the wargames?

Are you a security or network administrator, systems admin, architect, security or network manager, or do you have a similar position? And do you rely on DDoS protection for business interaction with customers, is your business in a critical supply chain, does your business rely on Internet, or are you a Service Provider, Data Center or Hosting company? Then the NETSCOUT Wargames are interesting for you!

Join the Wargames

Available dates:

  • 28 January
  • 17 February



Build better understanding of DDoS and other threats through education around the knowledge NETSCOUT holds on the complexity of modern DDoS attack methods (vectors) and defence mechanisms (countermeasures).


Be educated on leading security vendor, NETSCOUT's, DDoS knowledge and be put in the middle of a real-world simulation while having a safe place to experience the emotion and stress of a breach/DDoS attack while using our tools to learn


The Wargames uses an online platform hosted by NETSCOUT. Every user has a sandbox environment to operate hands on. Each attendee runs counter measures to mitigate different attacks and see the Arbor solution operating in a close to reality setup.

Join the NETSCOUT Wargames

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