The Leading Expert in Broadband Interfacing Software

BroadForward is the leading expert in broadband interfacing software for Communication Service
Providers, Vendors and Integrators. Through its BFX product suite, BroadForward provides fast and
flexible interworking, conversion, aggregation, routing and enrichment functions for a wide range of
protocols, such as Diameter, RADIUS, XML, SOAP, LDAP and SS7.


BroadForward is fully dedicated to support Communication Service Providers in their effort to provide the
best possible mobile broadband service experience in 3G and 4G/LTE networks. BroadForward is
recognized for delivering the fastest and most flexible interfacing software in the market for connectivity
and interworking for systems in 3G, LTE and IMS network environments.

BroadForward was founded by an internationally recognized team of mobile telecoms experts with a
track record in building carrier-grade, revenue generating products and services for global mobile
operators. R&D at BroadForward is 100% focused on improvement of connectivity and enrichment of
broadband systems. BroadForward’s software development is entirely done in The Netherlands.

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