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DDoS Assessment Tool

With the costs and threats of a DDoS attack forming a real part of a modern business’ considerations; ensuring your DDoS strategy is keeping up with the demands it will face is key. Organisations need to be secure in the knowledge that their DDoS solution will keep them online at all times. 

An average DDoS attack costs $720k

At an average cost of $8k per minute, can you afford to neglect your DDoS mitigation strategy? DDoS technology and techniques are not only growing more advanced, they are becoming more and more readily available – a packaged DDoS attack can be purchased/rented for as little as $50 for an hour. With a bigger volume of attacks every day, your strategy needs to stay one step ahead.
Take our free 10-minute assessment to ensure your DDoS mitigation is working as hard as possible for you. It needs to evolve, protecting you 24/7 and leaving you secure to tackle your everyday business challenges.

Spend 10 mins or $720k on DDoS attacks… Ensure your DDoS solution is keeping up with cyber-attackers here

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