Our unique value proposition

Why Infradata

All the right reasons.

Infradata is an award-winning independent provider of state-of-the-art security and cloud networking solutions and services. Infradata enables customers to drive innovation and value with best-of-breed solutions. Infradata creates the foundation for a secure and thriving digital economy and digital society. Discover what sets us apart.

Superior Project Execution

First Time Right Philosophy.

Through proper planning and successful implementation of engineering, design and project management services, we deliver quality and value to our clients – one that is truly superior.

Supplying quality engineering services and creating value for our clients does not just happen. To deliver these objectives successfully requires an intense focus on discipline, coupled with outstanding leadership, and the ability to manage the process and teams through all stages of the project execution cycle. Internal audits and regular follow up with clients are touch points. Superior implements during execution to assure the project remains on course.

“Working with our global partner network, we deliver best-of-breed solutions to meet each client’s unique needs and technology preferences.” – Nino Tomovski, VP International

We understand the importance of value – working efficiently and delivering each project on time and in budget. As professional engineers, we use scientific principles, coupled with our many years of experience and the latest technology, to assist our clients in optimizing their operations and improving their bottom lines.

Direct Expert Access

Skilled multi-certified engineers who are context-aware.

We turned the support pyramid upside down. With Infradata your Service Level Agreement (SLA) ensures that you have direct access to the best engineers with extensive experience and relevant certifications. Instead of talking to an outsourced helpdesk agent who can only follow standardized workflow and protocol, you are connected to an expert who can actually solve your problem.

As an IT professional, your main priority is maintaining your organization’s hardware equipment for maximum uptime. In order to do this, you rely on an efficient service delivery and customer experience. No matter where or the time of day, Infradata offers you instantaneous response from our domestic support center, and immediate incident escalation to our team of field and advanced engineers so that you can get the support and service you need to help keep your equipment up and running.

Infradata employs a comprehensive team of support engineers that have, on average, 15+ years of direct experience.

Lean and Agile

Achieving quality, speed and customer alignment.

Now and in the years to come, agility, speed, and flexibility are the key elements of a successful strategy and execution in business as well as in government agencies, health care, and education.

Working lean means eliminating waste. Being agile is to be adaptive, resilient, flexible and appropriate to the situation. Combining them we find the “just right” level of formality in our projects so there is no excess and no insufficiency. Like the martial artist, the project team wastes no energy to get the job done.

The right project management approach is different for a large complex project in a highly regulated environment than it is for a small project in an informal environment with a close knit dedicated team. In all cases there is an optimum level of lean agility.

Vendor Agnostic

Designing and delivering best-of-breed solutions.

Most traditional technology integrators promote themselves based on their relationship with specific vendors. Their service is exclusively tied to the benefits of the hardware and software they resell, and they’re motivated to promote specific products based solely on contracts.

Unlike traditional integrators, Infradata doesn’t rely on a preferred vendor list. Instead, Infradata leverages its extensive network of global high-performance networking and security solution partners and its long history of technical leadership, consulting, and support to identify potential solutions. The company then follows a rigorous vetting process, ensuring that all components of the solution must meet the customer’s technical and budgetary requirements.

“Our vendor-agnostic approach sets us apart from other technology integrators.” – Leon de Keijzer, CEO

Customers are confident that Infradata’s vendor-agnostic approach ensures that the company develops custom solutions that are independent from vendor relationships, meet the technical and budgetary requirements and solve the customers’ problems.

To provide such objective guidance requires a company that is familiar with all of the technology in the industry and is able to maintain a fully functional lab environment to constantly evaluate different platforms.

Holistic Approach to Security

From endpoint to network edge.

The threat landscape changes every day. Threats to your business are not just local any more. The way we connect ourselves and our businesses through information sharing, the accessibility we enjoy through mobile technology and the ease by which people, products and information moves across borders creates vulnerability.

A secure digital infrastructure begins at the network edge and goes all the way to end-points. Where many cyber security firms have only one area of expertise, we cover all prevention and detection technologies. And thanks to our strategic partnership with Fox IT we are able to deliver expertise on all phases of the security model: prevention, detection and response.

“A siloed approach to security and risk management doesn’t work.” - Mohamed El Haddouchi, Director Solutions & Innovation

Strategic Partnerships

Selection of industry-leading technology vendors.

We work hand-in-hand with selected world-class organizations in software applications, infrastructure and consulting to strengthen our own unique portfolio in consulting, solutions and services. Leveraging the abilities of these industry leaders allows us to concentrate on our goal of adding growth to our customers’ businesses. Through comprehensive, intelligent integration of partner product based solutions and services we underpin and complement our own key strengths to maximize your productivity.

“Infradata created a partner ecosystem built to deliver superior business value based on best-in-class technology.” - Erwin Hemmen, Managing Director, Infradata Netherlands

We have both business insight and IT expertise like no system integrator in the market. We work with our global strategic technology partners to leverage their extensive portfolios to ensure the delivery of world-class solutions that create real and tangible business benefits to clients across almost all markets and sectors.

Always Available

24x7 mission critical support by our global team.

Going beyond simply supporting our customers, our global support focuses on risk reduction, business continuity and value creation. We work collaboratively with our customers from the inception of the relationship to understand their support and service ecosystems, priorities, challenges and goals to deliver support services that cover the entire spectrum of customer needs.

“Our global support team is dedicated to providing our customers with a seamless support experience.” – Support Manager

The process begins with the implementation of our solution where we address all aspects of security and data privacy—from technical security controls, compliance programs, data protection and support tools—to ensure that the root problem is resolved fast and efficiently.

The team is made up of Support Engineers from all regions of the world. We operate a Follow the Sun Support model and ensure technical expertise on hand during daylight hours across the world. We consistently score above 80% in customer satisfaction across the globe, due to the high touch support model, and wealth of experience in the support team.

Proven Experience

Delivering services and solutions globally.

What sets one company apart isn’t technology. It’s having trained, capable people who are committed to exceptional service. Infradata has a long track record of success. We have 14+ years of proven experience in delivering services and solutions globally.

Our leaders have witnessed firsthand the on-the-job demands faced by our clients in diverse industries and understand the challenges presented on a daily basis. Our seasoned management team leverages their experience and expertise to provide a service that is second to none.

Values such as integrity, innovation, creativity, and flexibility guided us in becoming what we are today, a company whose main goal is customer satisfaction and us over-delivering on our commitments. Our success is our clients’ success.

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